‘Why are you calling me sir, my…’, what did Rahul Gandhi talk to vegetable seller Rameshwar and his wife, watch video

Rahul Gandhi Meets Rameshwar Video: A video of Rameshwar, a vegetable seller from Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi, recently went viral on social media. In this, Rameshwar became emotional while mentioning the rising prices of vegetables from the news portal. After this video surfaced, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders surrounded the central government. 

What happened between Rahul Gandhi and Rameshwar?
Rameshwar told Rahul Gandhi that he had come from UP to Delhi to lead a good life, but life turned worse than before. After this Rahul Gandhi asks him what have you done in the last 10 years? On this Rameshwar said that there is no work that I have not done, but now I do not have that much energy. 

What did Rameshwar say about Rahul Gandhi?
Talking to news agency PTI, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘‘Financially poor, but Rameshwar ji is very rich at heart . No matter how long the talks happened, the smile on his face remained intact. He told stories of shattered hopes, but at the same time there is also a sense of responsibility. His courage is indeed a golden ray of hope.’’

In this video Rameshwar says, ‘‘I am so fortunate that Rahul ji called me. Bharat was reconciled, just as Sudama was reconciled with Krishna, similarly me and him (Rahul) have been reconciled.’’ Rahul Gandhi spoke to Rameshwar, his wife and daughter about different aspects of life. He called Congress’s ‘justice’ Rameshwar’s opinion should also be known about the plan."text-align: justify;">What did the Congress say?
The Congress shared Rahul Gandhi’s video and wrote on Twitter, “Where a few days ago, the tears of Rameshwar ji, hurt by the price rise, showed the whole country Made me cry At the same time, now the whole country is seeing the happiness that is overflowing from the face of people’s leader Rahul Gandhi. This is the power of love, which gives you courage and hope to move forward.”

Where a few days ago Rameshwar ji’s tears, hurt by inflation, made the whole country cry."https://twitter.com/RahulGandhi?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">@RahulGandhi The whole country is also watching the happiness overflowing from his face after meeting him.

This is the power of love, which gives you the courage to move forward… gives hope. .

Full Video:… pic.twitter.com/eaZRIhm9RI

— Congress (@INCIndia) August 18, 2023

What did Rahul Gandhi say?
Rahul Gandhi shared a photo with Rameshwar after meeting him. In it he wrote, “Rameshwar ji is a lively person! A glimpse of the innate nature of crores of Indians is visible in them. Those who move ahead with a smile even in adverse circumstances are truly ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhaata’.” 

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