When the Women’s Reservation Bill was presented in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said, ‘If it is passed unanimously, participation of women power will be ensured.’

Parliament Special Session: Prime Minister in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament Narendra Modi on Tuesday (19 November) G-20, Women’s Reservation Bill. Mentioned many matters including the new Parliament and the old Parliament of the country. 

PM Modi said in Parliament, “A bill (Women’s Reservation Bill) has been presented in the Lok Sabha. This bill is about women empowerment. We opened the doors of soldiers’ schools for daughters. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign is not a government programme. The society has adopted it. From Mudra Yojana to Jan Dhan Yojana, women participated enthusiastically.  With the help of all the MPs, steps were taken against triple talaq.”

He further said, “Today I have come to urge all the honorable MPs of Rajya Sabha that whenever the bill comes before us, you all should take a unanimous decision on it.” 

He said that Rajya Sabha also represents the state. We are seeing that with cooperation many issues have remained such that we can move forward. During the Corona period, the state and the center together defined federalism. We impressed the world by presenting India’s strength not only in times of crisis but also in times of celebration. The G-20 summit was held in Delhi but before that many meetings were held in different parts of the country. This is a praise of our federalism. 

He said that the form of federalism is visible in the new Parliament. The states supported us in this. The art that is visible on the walls. Various states sent him. PM Modi said that here in the old building (Old Parliament) we celebrated the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence with great grandeur, but I am confident that in the new Parliament there will be a developed India for the whole century. We had reached the fifth economy in the old building, but I am confident that in the new Parliament we will reach the top three economy. 

PM Modi said that we will have to develop technology also. Now everything will be available on iPad. In the beginning it is possible that some colleagues may face difficulty in this. It is the digital age. In such a situation, Parliament will also have to be made a part of it. 


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