Weather Today: Rain alert in these states of North India, how will be the weather in Delhi, know the latest updates

Weather Update Today: Half of March has passed and the heat has started making people sweat. The mercury has crossed 35 in many places in the southern and western coastal states. Meanwhile, a relief news has come to the fore. The Meteorological Department has predicted a new Western Disturbance to be active in the Himalayas. Its effect will remain for two days, due to which rain has been predicted in many states from March 15 to 17.

According to the forecast, there may be light rains on March 15 in Punjab, Haryana, North Rajasthan, Western Himalayas and South Western Uttar Pradesh. Along with this, rain may occur in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and northeastern states. 

Rains in Rajasthan
The weather has once again taken a turn in Rajasthan. It rained in Alwar, Sikar and Bharatpur on Tuesday (March 14). There is also information about hail and lightning in some places. Rain is expected at many places in Rajasthan on Wednesday as well.

Relief from the heat can be found in Delhi
People in the capital Delhi have to face the scorching heat. However, there is hope of getting relief in this. According to the Meteorological Department, it is expected to rain daily in Delhi from 17 to 20 March. The minimum temperature of Delhi is estimated to be 18 and the maximum temperature will be 33 degree Celsius. The sky will be partly cloudy on Wednesday. 

Mercury crossed 35 in these areas
The maximum temperature in West Rajasthan, Gujarat, Vidarbha, Telangana, Odisha, Kerala, Rayalseema and interior Tamil Nadu on Tuesday was between 36 and 38 degree Celsius. . The maximum temperature in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh was recorded between 30 and 33 degrees. In the rest of the country, it remained between 34-36.

Heavy knocks in UP this month
In some areas of Uttar Pradesh, heat wave will start showing its effect in March itself. Although it will be less now, but from April its outbreak will start across the state. Heat wave will show its effect in the state from April to May. In view of this, the Relief Department has issued an alert.

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