Watch: When the car was getting delayed, Rahul Gandhi gave lift to Kharge, video viral

Rahul Drops Mallikarjun Kharge: A video of a conversation between Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has surfaced. In the video, Rahul offered to drop Kharge home from Parliament as his car was parked behind and Rahul’s car was about to pick him up. Congress leader Supriya Shrinate has shared its video on Twitter. 

It can be seen in the video that Rahul Gandhi was walking behind Mallikarjun Kharge after leaving the Parliament. Meanwhile, seeing Kharge’s car standing behind, he asked where is his car. A person next to him said that the car is standing behind and is coming. Meanwhile, Rahul asked Kharge where do you want to go? I drop you and both sit in the same car. 

BJP attacking Rahul Gandhi 

These days there is an uproar in the Parliament regarding the statements of Rahul Gandhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is constantly attacking the Congress and Rahul. This whole ruckus has been created due to the statement given by the Congress leader abroad. He had alleged that the audio of the opposition is muted during the proceedings of the House. The Congress also shared the video on Twitter in which members are first seen chanting ‘bolne do’ to Rahul Gandhi and then suddenly the audio stops.


— Supriya Shrinate (@SupriyaShrinate) March 17, 2023

Kharge came to the rescue of Rahul 

Many ministers of BJP have kept their point against Rahul Gandhi’s statement about Britain. BJP President JP Nadda on Friday (March 17) termed Rahul Gandhi as a traitor. At the same time, Mallikarjun Kharge gave a strong reply to this and said that those who have no contribution in India’s freedom struggle are traitors. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said the demand for an apology is nonsense as Rahul Gandhi has not said anything for which he should apologise. 

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