Watch: How should soldiers handle themselves during free fall in a special mission, Army installed vertical wind tunnel for training, know what is this?

Vertical Wind Tunnel For Special Forces: Special training measures have been taken for Indian soldiers to deal with sky diving situations during special operations. The Indian Army has installed a tunnel in which the air flow is so fast that soldiers can learn to balance for free fall by flying in the air. This tunnel is being called ‘Vertical Wind Tunnel’.

According to news agency ANI, the vertical wind tunnel has been installed in the Indian Army’s Special Forces Training School in Bukloh, Himachal Pradesh. Its video has also surfaced which is surprising people.

Purpose of setting up vertical wind tunnel?

According to military officials, the Indian Army has introduced vertical wind tunnel for the first time for air operations which provides simulation as per air operations to train Special Forces personnel for every possible situation.< /p>

This means that during any special operation, if the soldiers have to jump from a flying aircraft or have to jump from a great height, then during that time, they get training on how to balance the body in the air, they get training from this tunnel. Training of Special Forces personnel has started through this tunnel. 

Video of vertical wind tunnel

#WATCH | Vertical wind tunnel installed at the Indian Army’s Special Forces Training School at Bukloh, Himachal Pradesh. For airborne operations, the Indian Army for the first time has introduced a vertical wind tunnel that provides simulation as per the air operations to train…

— ANI (@ANI) September 22, 2023

How does a vertical wind tunnel work?

The height of the vertical wind tunnel is 10 meters and its diameter is 4.6 meters. In this tunnel, wind blows at a speed of 275 kilometers per hour, which helps the soldier to fly upwards inside it.

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