Waste Plant Fire: People forced to wear masks after a fire broke out in a garbage plant in Kochi, lockdown-like situation

Kochi Waste Plant Fire: People living in Kochi city of Kerala, once again very few people are coming out on the streets, those who are seen outside, also have masks on their faces. . These circumstances corona virus, but because of the fire in the dumping yard’s waste here. Actually, there was a fire in the dumping yard of Brahmapuram on March 2 last week. Whose smoke spread all over Kochi city and people are suffocating even after 8 days. 

The situation in Kochi is like the Kovid-19 lockdown. There are few people on the streets. Those who are seen outside have put on masks. Children and elders are not coming out. Poisonous smoke has spread throughout the area. A week later the city has turned into a gas chamber. Residents here have complained of breathing difficulties as smoke from plastic, metal and other burnt items has filled the colonies of the city. Many people have complained of irritation in the eyes and throat.

Guidelines issued by the administration

Kerala government has asked people to use N95 masks while going out. People have been asked to avoid jogging outside till the situation stabilises. The District Medical Officer has set up a 24×7 control room. Doctors and other employees of the health department have been instructed to help in any kind of medical emergency. Apart from this, all schools and colleges in Kochi and neighboring Ernakulam have been closed. 

50,000 tons of garbage caught fire

Please tell that at least 50,000 tonnes of garbage caught fire here. Fire department officials said, "They have been able to control the smoke coming out of 70 per cent of the affected area. They are working to completely remove smog from the remaining 30 per cent, where smoldering plastic waste is a major problem."

People sleeping wearing masks

Liz Biju, a college student studying in a college just 1 km away from the waste management plant, told NDTV on Wednesday (March 8), "When the fire broke out in the beginning, we were not affected much. Once the fire subsided, the thick smoke that rose on a large scale made it very difficult for us. Today even my house was filled with smoke. Yesterday my friends living in the hostel had to sleep wearing masks."

Navy also engaged in extinguishing the fire

Including plastics, metals and rubber. About 50 thousand tonnes of waste has caught fire, due to which poisonous smoke is coming out. 200 fire engines are engaged in the mission to extinguish the fire. Navy helicopters have also been deployed in this work. According to fire department sources, 70 percent of the area smoldering plastic waste was extinguished. The work to control the smoke is going on in the remaining 30 percent area. 

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