Video: Rahul Gandhi and Lalu Yadav cooked mutton, took food for Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Meets Lalu Yadav: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, while feeding mutton made by his own hands to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, explained the meaning of political masala and said that the leader Must fight. He said that injustice should be fought. 

Rahul Gandhi released a video of his interesting meeting with Lalu Prasad on YouTube on Saturday (September 2). It is visible that both the leaders are making mutton. Lalu Prasad cooked mutton for Rahul Gandhi at Rajya Sabha member and Lalu Prasad’s daughter Misa Bharti’s residence in Delhi. In the video, former Bihar CM Lalu Yadav  says that he has ordered this mutton from Bihar. 

What happened between Rahul Gandhi and Lalu Yadav?
Rahul Gandhi asks when did you first learn to cook? To this Lalu Yadav replied, ‘‘I learned cooking from the age of six. My brothers used to work in Patna, came with them, there we learned. ’’

In the video, Lalu Prasad also says that apart from the dishes of Bihar, he likes Thai food.  In this, Rahul Gandhi says that he respects Lalu Yadav’s political knowledge a lot. 

What questions did Rahul Gandhi ask Lalu Yadav?
In this video, Rahul Gandhi asks Lalu Yadav that ‘political masala’ what happens. To this Lalu Yadav replied, ‘‘It is a political spice to struggle. If you see injustice somewhere, then fight against it. ’’

What did you say on BJP?
Lalu Yadav targeted BJP and said that political hunger does not go away, that’s why BJP people spread hatred. Rahul Gandhi also asks him what is his suggestion? In response to this, Lalu Yadav said to Rahul Gandhi, ‘‘ I am of the opinion that your father, grandparents had shown a new path to the country, that should not be forgotten. ’’

In the video, Rahul Gandhi says that hatred has to be eradicated from the country. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi also took mutton made by Lalu Yadav for his sister Priyanka Gandhi. 

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