Uttar Pradesh: ‘Power workers’ strike politically motivated’, Minister AK Sharma claims – Power supply is fine

UP Power Workers Strike: Electricity workers are on strike in Uttar Pradesh. There have been reports of power cuts in different parts of the state due to the strike. Amidst these reports, State Electricity Minister AK Sharma said on Friday (March 17) that the power system is absolutely fine, there is no problem. AK Sharma told that the supply is under our control. Nothing has happened except minor incidents. 

Electricity Minister AK Sharma claimed that this strike of electricity workers is politically motivated. This strike is not for the benefit of the employees and employee organizations, it is happening for other reasons. State Electricity Minister AK Sharma assured that there would be no problem for the public.

"will not take law in hands"

He said that I think some irresponsible leaders of electricity organizations are responsible for the strike. We had explained everything to them, had taken steps in the interest of the employees. Still, due to their obstinacy, they started the strike and we are taking all possible steps to deal with it. The minister said that the flow of electricity is maintained. The people’s representative has to take care that no one should stop the employees who are with the government and want to render their service. We have talked to the struggle committee. I will repeat again that the way for dialogue is open. No one will be allowed to take law into their hands. 

"some organizations with the government"

AK Sharma also claimed that some employee unions have supported the government. He said that we thank nine different organizations who are with us. Thanks also to NTPC for running the main power plant. He said that the bonus was not received for the last 5 years, we had given the bonus this time. It is not possible to get all the bonuses at once. Ready to do anything for the employees if money comes. 

"Police administration also alerted"

On some incidents of damage to feeders and lines by electricity workers in some parts of the state, the minister warned that strict action would be taken against all those who take law into their hands and damage government property. The minister said that an attempt was made to obstruct the power line in the forest of Deoria district, strict action will be taken against whoever is doing such work. The police administration has also been alerted to prevent such incidents.

Employees of electricity department on strike

Employees of the Electricity Department of Uttar Pradesh are on strike for three days. Friday was the second day of the strike. The workers claimed that the strike had a widespread impact on power supply in some parts of the state. He called the chief minister Yogi Adityanath also demanded intervention in the matter. The electrical workers are on strike over the selection of the chairman and managing director of the power companies and some other issues.

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