UP Electricity Crisis: ‘…we will sack you’, the government becomes strict on the electricity employees who are on strike in UP

UP Electricity Employees Strike: The Yogi government is seen in an aggressive mode regarding the strike of electricity workers in Uttar Pradesh. Employees are being suspended. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

After the meeting with the Chief Minister, Energy Minister AK Sharma informed the UP CM about the situation. A meeting was held between the two regarding the strike of the electricity workers and after discussion on suspending the erring officials, action has now been initiated. 

Electricity workers are agitating for their demands

Energy Minister AK Sharma informed that for the last 5 days some organizations of electricity employees are agitating for their demands. Attempts were made to talk to him repeatedly and listen to him, but things did not work out. He said that today i.e. on Saturday (March 18) I am repeating my point once again that we are still ready to hold talks. He said that our doors are open to talk. He further said that these people are unable to understand the matter. 

‘Our employees messed up’

Energy Minister said that many employee organizations are with us. Because of them the power system is running. Many of our employees are associated with devotion in the line of duty in the power department. Seasonal atmosphere has been created in the last 24 hours. Our employees also made some mistakes due to which some lines got damaged. The Energy Minister said that only 2 percent feeders have been affected.  

‘The strike had no effect’

He said that the line is running smoothly. Strike has no effect. In the past, people tried to create a fault. There are names of those involved in such incidents at each and every place. Whether it is in the sky or in the underworld, we will take action. We have a bank loan of 80 to 90 thousand crores on our forehead. It is not fair to make unrestrained demands. I am an optimistic person but I was very disappointed yesterday when the Allahabad High Court ordered. He said that Allahabad High Court has given notice seriously.

Copy of the court order sent to the struggle committee

Please tell that FIR has been registered against 22 people. After the FIR, action will be taken for arrest and imprisonment. Suspension action has also been taken against some of them. 1332 contract workers have been dismissed. Preparations are on to sack thousands of employees. The employees have been given a grace period of 4 hours. If the power workers do not turn up for work by evening, they will be sacked. 

What is the demand of the striking employees

Uttar Pradesh’s electricity department employees are on strike for five days. The workers claimed that the strike had a widespread impact on power supply in some parts of the state. He called the chief minister Yogi Adityanath also demanded intervention in the matter. The electrical workers are on strike over the selection of the chairman and managing director of the power companies and some other issues.

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