Udhayanidhi Stalin Remarks: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sanatan Dharma controversy – ‘No power in the world can end it’

Rajnath Singh On Sanatan Dharma: Politics has intensified after DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement on Sanatan Dharma. BJP is targeting ‘India’ alliance regarding this. Meanwhile, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has given a statement. Describing the statements of DMK leaders as very unfortunate, he said, “Sanatan Dharma is eternal, no power in the world can destroy it.” 

Defense Minister called it unfortunate

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said, “This is unfortunate.” Sanatan Dharma has given the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means that the whole world is our family.” Giving an example, the Defense Minister targeted the DMK leaders.

Rajnath Singh further said, “When our mothers and sisters knead flour and if an ant passes by, they give it a small portion of the flour to eat. No power in the world can destroy Sanatan Dharma.”

BJP is criticizing Udayanidhi Stalin’s statement

Many BJP leaders and priests have strongly criticized DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement on Sanatan Dharma. Many opposition parties have also distanced themselves from Udhayanidhi’s statement. However, after being surrounded from all sides, Udhayanidhi has accused BJP of distorting and spreading his statement in a fake manner.

Regarding the statement on Sanatan Dharma, BJP is calling it a statement of India alliance and asking the stand of Congress and Rahul Gandhi. After Udhayanidhi’s statement, DMK MP A Raja and Education Minister’s statement on Sanatan Dharma of Ponmundi further raised the political temperature."text-align: justify;">BJP has termed it as vote bank politics and the secret agenda of the opposition alliance. Raghav Chadda of Aam Aadmi Party had called it a personal statement. At the same time, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had said regarding this that she respects Sanatam Dharma. Let us tell you that Udhayanidhi Stalin had recently compared Sanatan Dharma with diseases like dengue and malaria and said that it should be eradicated.

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