Udhayanidhi Sanatana Row: ‘India alliance is fighting Sanatan Dharma, not PM Modi’, political ruckus from Chennai to Delhi on Udhayanidhi’s statement

Udhayandhi Comment On Sanatana Dharma: Politics has heated up over Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s son Udhayandhi’s comment on Sanatana Dharma. BJP has asked questions to the ‘India’ alliance regarding this. Along with the BJP, religious organizations and religious leaders have also entered the fray in this matter. At the same time, the Congress has also reacted to the statement.

Udhayanidhi, a minister in the Tamil Nadu government, had compared Sanatana Dharma to dengue malaria. Addressing a conference in Chennai on Saturday (September 2), Udhayanidhi said, "There are some things which we have to end and we cannot just protest. Mosquitoes, dengue, corona and malaria are such things that we cannot resist. We have to eliminate them. Sanatanam (Eternal Dharma) is also like this. Our first task is not to oppose Sanatan, but to eradicate it."

BJP asks question to Congress

BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said, "MK Stalin is the strong pillar of the India coalition and his son is comparing Sanatan Dharma to dengue and malaria and talking about ending it. The Congress party and other members of the Indian coalition should clarify their opinion whether they are forming an alliance together or making such statements to destroy Sanatan Dharma?"

‘INDIA alliance is fighting with Sanatan Dharma, not PM Modi’

He further said, "This fight is no longer in the Modi-India alliance. This fight is now a fight of ideology. There is a fight between Sur and Asura." Swami Chakrapani also said, we never target Stalin ideology or comment on Christianity or Islam, then why are they targeting ‘Hindu Sanatan’? If he had any objection, he would have spoken on Modi, he would have spoken on the ruling party.

Colonial mindset, says VHP

The VHP leader said, the land of Tamil Nadu is the land of Lord Shankaracharya, who has done a great job of increasing Sanatan by building monasteries in all four directions across the country. If such a voice is raised from the land of Lord Shankaracharya, then somewhere the colonial mentality has not gone away from them.

‘Eternal to the end’

What did the Congress say?

On the statement, Maharashtra Congress Committee President Nana Patole distanced himself from the statement and said, "The role of Congress is clear. It is not the job of the Congress to comment about someone’s religion or hurt someone’s sentiments. The role of equality of all religions, which Baba Saheb Ambedkar has given in our constitution, Congress runs on the same role."

RJD leader Mrityunjay Tiwari said, "No one has the right to question Sanatan Dharma. BJP has also been doing politics in the name of Sanatan. This is not a matter of politics. If someone has given such a statement, then he should immediately apologize to the Sanatanis, this statement should be withdrawn."

The ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu is part of the All India Alliance faction. The Coordination Committee of the India Alliance was formed in a meeting held in Mumbai on September 1, in which MK Stalin has also been included.

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