TTF Vasan Arrested: For the sake of likes and views, he risked his life, did a dangerous stunt, YouTuber TTF Vasan arrested

TTF Vasan: What don’t people do to earn maximum views and likes by making reels on social media? Famous YouTuber TTF Vasan, who risked his life by doing such a dangerous stunt, was arrested by the police on Tuesday (September 19). TTF Vasan is a biker and usually gets likes and views by posting videos while doing stunts on a bike.

Last Sunday (September 17), he had gone on a Maharashtra trip with his other biker friends. He lost control of his bike due to high speed near Belochathi Chitram in Kanchipuram district and fell on the road. At the same time, the bike collided with a bus passing by at high speed. After this, the police registered a case against him for rash driving and arrested him.

He was arrested last year also
Last year also he was arrested in Coimbatore on similar charges of flouting traffic laws by riding a bike at dangerous speed. This time the video of his bike crashing at high speed has gone viral on a large scale on social media.

It can be seen in the video that his bike is passing at high speed on the road. Then another bus also passes by. Due to sudden speed, he loses control of his bike and falls on the road. The bike gets dragged and collides with the bus and Vasan gets scattered far on the roadside.

Colleagues took Vasan to the hospital.
His colleagues picked him up and took him to the hospital, where he was treated. However, he wore all the safety equipment while riding the bike, so he did not suffer much injury. Police sources have said that non-bailable sections have been imposed against him. Legal action has been initiated by registering a case under non-bailable section 379A for endangering the lives of people by reckless driving.

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