Top 5 Supreme Court Hearing: From Hemant Soren money laundering case to Shri Krishna birthplace-Idgah, hearing of these big cases in the Supreme Court today

Top 5 Supreme Court Hearing: Many important cases are to be heard in the Supreme Court today i.e. on Friday (September 15) in the country, whether it is the money laundering case related to Hemant Soren or the gangster case. There should be a petition of Afzal Ansari who was sentenced to 4 years. Let us tell you which are the big cases which the Supreme Court will hear today.

Hearing on these 5 cases in Supreme Court today

1. First case:-Today the Supreme Court will hear the petition of Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren in the land scam case. In the land scam case, ED had issued summons to Chief Minister Hemant Soren for questioning, which the CM filed a petition in the Supreme Court, calling it illegal. The Enforcement Directorate had first sent the summons on August 14, but he did not appear citing busyness. After the second summons, he had filed a petition in the Supreme Court and written a letter to the ED calling the summons illegal. 

2. Second case:-The second case is related to former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia, whose bail plea will be heard by the Supreme Court today. Regarding this, the court has issued notice to CM and ED and sought their reply. It is known that Sisodia was arrested in the liquor scam case in February this year. Earlier, the High Court had rejected his bail plea. 

3. Third case:-The third case is related to the demand of not allowing convicted people to contest elections for life, on which a hearing will also be held in the Supreme Court today. It has been said in this petition that a person convicted by the court does not get a government job but political people are allowed to contest elections again and become MP/MLA after 6 years of serving their sentence. 

4. Fourth case:- If we talk about the fourth case, it is a case related to the petition of Afzal Ansari, who was sentenced to 4 years in a gangster case. Afzal, who was the MP from Ghazipur before his conviction, has been disqualified. Allahabad High Court granted bail to Afzal, but refused to stay the conviction. Afzal has sought a stay on his conviction from the Supreme Court. 

5. Fifth case:-The fifth case is related to Shri Krishna’s birthplace-Idgah episode, regarding which a hearing will be held in the Supreme Court today. It is known that in view of Ranjana Agnihotri’s petition to hear all the cases in this regard together in the High Court, Prayagraj HC had summoned all the files from the courts of Mathura and had said that all the cases will be heard in the High Court. After this, the secretary of Shahi Masjid Idgah had filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding that it be heard in the Mathura court."text-align: justify;">Also read:-

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