This is the reason behind the suicides in IIT, NIT, the center told how many students died this year

Suicide In IIT: The Central Government has responded in the Parliament on the cases of suicide of students in higher educational institutions of the country. According to the information given by the Union Ministry of Education, stress regarding studies is also one of the reasons identified behind the suicide. Apart from this, family and personal problems as well as mental health issues are also responsible.

According to the information given in the Parliament, In the year 2023 so far six cases of student suicides have been registered in IITs and NITs. 16 students committed suicide in the year 2022, 7 in 2021, 5 in 2020, 16 in 2019 and 11 in 2018.

Student had committed suicide in IIT Mumbai
Government has given this information at a time when the case of suicide of an 18-year-old Dalit student in IIT Mumbai was in headlines just a few days ago. . The student committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of his hostel located in the institute. The student, a resident of Ahmedabad, had already enrolled in the B.Tech course three years ago. The family members of the student had alleged that caste discrimination was happening against him in the institute. However, the institute denied these allegations. At the same time, the Ministry has not considered discrimination in educational institutions as the reason behind suicides in the information given to the Parliament.

Measures to reduce the stress
The minister informed the Parliament that several steps have been taken by the institutions to reduce the academic stress. These also include teaching courses in regional languages. He said that All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has started translation of technical course books in 12 regional languages.

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