The foreign minister ‘disappeared’ in the love of the news anchor, many challenges again arose before India on the border dispute!

The Chinese Communist Party has sacked its foreign minister. Qin Gang was appointed China’s foreign minister in December last year.  He has not been seen in public since June 25. Looking at the recent pictures of the Kin Gang on social media, many questions are being raised. The Chinese Communist Party also raised serious concerns about Qin Gang’s closeness with his journalist girlfriend.

Qin was also absent at the ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting in Jakarta last week. But at a time when a high-profile government official is sacked without any explanation, it is surprising. 

There is talk about allegations of corruption behind Qin’s disappearance. But at the same time, Qin’s name is being linked with Fu Xiaotian, a female host and anchor of Phoenix TV. Fu is also not publicly visible.

Crimes such as political scandals, corruption and tax evasion have been a topic of discussion in China in the past decade. In the midst of all this, politicians, officials, businessmen, and actors go missing from time to time. Not every person who goes missing has a tragic end. 

In November 2021, tennis player Peng Shuai went missing for several months after she accused former Communist Party senior mandarin Zhang Gaoli of sexual harassment. Although Peng reappeared, Zhang was not punished.

In June 2021, Vice Security Minister Dong Jingwei publicly disappeared. After this rumors spread that he had some secrets regarding the Kovid-19 virus as a biological weapon. Rumors spread that he had moved to a western country.  Dong later returned again, and there was no further discussion on the matter. 

Between October 2020 and January 2021, Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Alibaba Group, disappeared in public. The mother had criticized China’s financial regulators just weeks before she disappeared, after she was summoned by the authorities. Ma rarely speaks in public now.

Popular actor Fan Bingbing went missing in July 2018, but a few months later issued a statement apologizing for the theft. Following this apology, the Chinese tax authorities ordered him to pay more than 127 million yuan in taxes and penalties.

In 2012, Xi Jinping was the Vice President of China at that time. He came into limelight as he disappeared from the public eye for weeks. There were rumors that Xi was ill and had hurt himself in the game. After two months, he came in the public eye. In such a situation, the question definitely arises that whose hand is behind this, is the power of China behind this. 

China’s power structure
Repeated incidents of disappearances and reappearances over the years without explanation expose China’s fundamental opacity. Which is tightly controlled by the CPC. Dissent is not allowed here. someone to someone  Can’t ask for an answer to the question.  In his book ‘The Party: The Secret World of Chinese Communist Rulers’, journalist and analyst Richard McGregor quotes a Beijing university professor as saying, ‘The party is like a god. He is everywhere. You just can’t see it.

The Chinese modeled their system on the Soviet Union. Lenin had prepared such a system in which the eyes and ears of the party are everywhere.  Lenin advocated centralization as much as possible, and decentralization as much as possible at the bottom. 

In a paper published in October 2022, the American think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) explained the process of choosing the party’s leadership. Accordingly, every five years the CCP holds its National Party Congress to determine key policies and select top leaders. During this, the members elect the Central Committee, which consists of about 370 members and ministers, senior regulatory officials, provincial leaders and military officers.

The Central Committee serves as the board of directors for the CCP, and holds annual meetings. This is known as plenum. The Central Committee also selects the Politburo, which consists of twenty-five members.

The CFR paper states that the Politburo selects the Standing Committee of the Politburo through secret and behind-the-scenes negotiations. The Standing Committee can have five to nine members. which is the center of power and leadership of the CCP" is.  Xi is at the helm as CPC general secretary, and Bi Wohi, head of the Premier State Council  Are. It is considered as powerful as a Chinese cabinet.

India’s Diplomatic Challenge

Just before being named China’s new foreign minister, Qin Gang wrote in a magazine that  The status quo on the border situation is that both China and India "Willing to fix the current situation" And "jointly guard the peace on our borders", In his meeting with Qin in New Delhi in March this year, Jaishankar laid down India’s lines. Jaishankar had made it clear that relations would not improve until there was normalcy on the border.

Qin is now missing and many challenges have again arisen in front of India on the border dispute. 

Tension on the border between the two countries is a very old matter. But the two countries have allowed trade and investment to go on for a long time while maintaining political relations amid efforts to resolve the border dispute by mutual consent. From road construction to the abolition of the provisions of Article 370 and China’s control over the Karakoram Mountains, there is a dispute between India and China. 

The major reason for the increasing alleged Chinese activities along the Line of Actual Control, "Told the construction of bridges and airstrips due to which Indian patrols have increased.  On the other hand, China has asked the  Opposed the decision to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

Apart from 38,000 square kilometers of Aksai Chin, China also controls more than 5,000 square kilometers of Shaksgam Valley. Pakistan had occupied it in 1948. Later in 1963, under an agreement, Pakistan handed over this area to China. The Chinese government also keeps claiming Arunachal Pradesh, which is a part of India. China has recently made Arunachal Pradesh’s  15 places were renamed.  By doing this, China wants to take Arunachal Pradesh illegally.

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