The advocate sent a junior lawyer in his place to plead in the Supreme Court, then what happened?

Supreme Court: A shocking case came to light in the Supreme Court on Thursday (September 14). ‘Advocate on Record’ for sending a junior lawyer in his place without any preparation to the court with a request to adjourn the hearing of a case. A fine of two thousand rupees was imposed. 

‘Advocate on Record’ An advocate is authorized to represent clients and file cases in the Supreme Court. A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud was hearing a case. During this, a junior lawyer appeared before the bench. Also requested to adjourn the hearing of the case as the lead counsel was not available. 

What did the Supreme Court say?
In the bench, Justice P.S. Narasimha and Justice Manoj Mishra were also included. The bench said during the hearing, ‘‘You cannot take us lightly like this. There are structural costs involved in the functioning of the court, let’s start arguing.’’

The junior lawyer told the bench that he was not aware of the case and had no instructions to argue the matter. Objecting to this, the bench said, ‘‘We have received instructions from the Constitution to hear the case. Please visit ‘Advocate on Record’ Call to. Ask them to appear before us. ’’

Apologized to Supreme Court
Later ‘Advocate on Record’ Appeared through video conference and apologized to the Supreme Court. The bench asked him why he sent a junior lawyer to the court without any documents and information about the case. 

The bench then said in its order, ‘‘A junior lawyer was sent without preparation. When we refused to grant adjournment, the ‘Advocate on Record’ Attended. The matter cannot be conducted in this manner.’’ The bench said, ‘‘The advocate on record will have to deposit a fine of Rs 2,000 with the Supreme Court Bar Association and produce its receipt.’’

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