Sanatana Dharma Row: Jagadguru Rambhadracharya calls India alliance anti-Sanatana, makes big claim regarding 2024 Lok Sabha elections

Rambhadracharya Interview: Amidst the ongoing controversy regarding Sanatan Dharma in the country, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya has given his reaction in the matter. Rambhadracharya has said that those who wish to destroy Sanatan will themselves be destroyed. Along with this, he described the Indian alliance as an opponent of Sanatan Dharma.

In an interview given to News 18, when Jagadguru Rambhadracharya was asked a question on the ongoing conflict regarding Sanatan, he said that Sanatan is an eternal religion. It means that which can never be destroyed. Those who want to destroy it will themselves be destroyed.

‘People are not digesting the success of Sanatan’
On the comments being made against Sanatan Dharma, Rambhadracharya said, "Sanatan’s success is not being digested by the people. Seeing our victory, they are becoming disappointed." Not only this, he alleged that foreign forces are behind the comments being made on Sanatan Dharma and a conspiracy is being hatched to weaken India.  Taking the name of India Alliance, he said, it has been formed only to insult Sanatan Dharma. 

‘It is unfortunate that India has two names’
Regarding calling India or Bharat, he said, "No country has two names. It is unfortunate that India has two names." Rambhadracharya said it was wrong to write the name of the country as ‘India that is Bharat’ in the Indian Constitution. He said that the name India was given by the British. Its original name is India and it should remain the same.

Objecting to the name India, Rambhadracharya said, "Saying India reflects slavery, invasion. Saying India shows insult to Mother India." He raised the question whether India’s name is in our national song and national anthem? If it is not there then why is the name India being carried.

Called PM Modi his friend
Rambhadracharya called the Prime Minister

‘What does Rahul have to do with Indian culture’
On the question of religion and irreligion, Rambhadracharya said that India has religion and those who call India have irreligion. He claimed that Rahul Gandhi does not even know A, B, C, D of Indian culture. What does he have to do with India and Indian culture.

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