Rajya Sabha Election: Foreign Minister Jaishankar will file nomination again for Rajya Sabha elections, know when the term ends

S. Jaishankar: Union External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar will file nomination for the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections on Monday (July 10, 2023). Elections are to be held on a total of 10 Rajya Sabha seats this month, which includes three seats in Gujarat. Jaishankar will file his nomination for one of these seats tomorrow at 12 noon. His Rajya Sabha term ends in August.

Apart from Jaishankar, the terms of Rajya Sabha MPs from Gujarat Dinesh Jemalbhai Anavadiya and Lokhandwala Jugal Singh are also ending on August 18. On the other hand, the Congress has withdrawn its name from the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections. The Congress said it will not participate in the elections this time as it does not have many seats in the state assembly. Congress President in Gujarat Manish Doshi told that the party did not get good figures in the assembly elections held last year, so this time it has been decided that the party will not participate in the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections.

Rajya Sabha elections are to be held in these states
Elections are to be held on a total of 10 Rajya Sabha seats in three states of the country. The states where elections are to be held include Gujarat, Goa and West Bengal. Elections will be held for 6 Rajya Sabha seats in West Bengal, 1 in Goa and three in Gujarat. Vinay Tendulkar’s term in Goa ends on July 28. Whereas, the term of Derek O’Brien, Dola Sen, Sushmita Dev, Sukhendu Shekhar Ray, Pradeep Bhattacharya and Shanta Chhetri will end on August 18. Can do and if someone wants to withdraw his name then he will have time till July 17. There itself. The notification for the election was issued on July 6. After this, voting will be held on July 24 and counting of votes will also be done on the same day. vote but the members of the Legislative Council cannot participate in it. It is also necessary for the candidate to have the consent of 10 members for filing nomination.  The voting formula for Rajya Sabha elections is linked to the states. The number of Rajya Sabha seats in a state for which elections are to be held, 1 is added to it and divided by the total number of assembly seats in that state. The number that comes after this, then 1 is added to it. The number that comes after that is the number of votes the candidate needs to win.

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