Rahul Gandhi In Chhattisgarh: ‘BJP calls tribals forest dwellers, spreads violence’, said Rahul Gandhi in Raipur

Rahul Gandhi Raipur Rally: Addressing a rally in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Narendra Modi works for two or three billionaires of India. He said that the Prime Minister of India cannot get an inquiry done on Adani because after the inquiry the loss will not be of Adani but of someone else.

Congress leader said, "Two big newspapers of the world had written – Adani, close to Modi ji, sent thousands of crores of rupees to countries outside India. Then increased the price of your shares in the stock market and with that money Adani bought your capital. I want to tell you that the coming governments in Madhya Pradesh and Telangana will not be of Adani, but of the poor."

‘Our job is to connect people’
In his address, Rahul Gandhi said, "BJP’s work is to divide people, to spread violence, to spread hatred, while our work is to unite people. To open a shop of love in the market of hatred. They said, "Before every election, BJP comes up with a number. They (BJP) say they will get 230-250 seats, but every poor person in Karnataka voted for the Congress.” 

Congress fulfills its promise- Rahul Gandhi
Congress MP alleged that BJP did not fulfill its promise of bringing back black money. He said, “The Prime Minister and the BJP leader had said that the Congress party could not fulfill the promise, but we fulfilled the promise. The Congress party fulfills what it promises."

‘BJP calls tribals forest dwellers’
Rahul said that the youth should come forward in politics because this Chhattisgarh is yours in the coming times. We want to give you a chance in politics. Whatever dream the tribal youth wants to dream, see and fulfill it. The Wayanad MP further said that the BJP calls tribals forest dwellers. They are spreading hatred all over the country. Our job is to connect. Be it Manipur, Assam or Karnataka, wherever BJP people will spread hatred. Congress people will go there and distribute love. 

‘Love connects the country’
He claimed that we work for farmers, they (BJP) work for two-three billionaires. The country cannot move forward with violence. The country is connected with love and the country moves forward fast.

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