‘Rahul Gandhi has become a part of anti-national toolkit’, BJP chief said – Pakistan and Congress have the same language

JP Nadda Attacks Rahul Gandhi: BJP President JP Nadda lashed out at former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi in a video conference on Friday (March 17). Regarding the alleged anti-national statement given in London, he said, Rahul Gandhi will have to apologize to the country and the Parliament. 

JP Nadda said, it is unfortunate that the Congress party has become involved in anti-national activities. After repeated rejections by the public, Rahul Gandhi has now become a permanent part of this anti-national toolkit. 

Rahul is insulting the country on foreign soil
BJP chief said, on the one hand, the country is becoming the 5th largest economy in the world under the leadership of the Prime Minister of India and G20 meetings should be held Rahul Gandhi is insulting the country and the Parliament on foreign soil,  I want to know from him his intention behind this? 

He further said, saying anti-national things of Rahul Gandhi against the government with an elected majority is an insult to 130 crore Indians of India. He said, Rahul Gandhi’s statement on foreign soil that democracy has ended in India and Europe-America should intervene on this, what can be more shameful for a country like India.

Rahul what are your intentions?
BJP chief JP Nadda asked Rahul Gandhi, you have sought the intervention of another country to interfere in India’s internal affairs, what is your reason behind this? What is the intention? Seeking interference in India’s internal affairs from any other country is an attack on India’s sovereignty, claimed Nadda.

He said, I want to ask Rahul Gandhi, what is his intention behind interfering in India’s domestic affairs from Europe and America? Nadda said, Rahul Gandhi is defaming his country, the language of anti-India George Soros and Rahul Gandhi is the same, the language of Pakistan and Congress is also the same, and the people of this country will not accept these plans of Congress. Won’t let it succeed. Rahul Gandhi will have to apologize to the nation for this sin. 

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