Punjab: Mosques were demolished after partition, people donated their land, donations were also received from Gurudwaras

Punjab Mosques Restore: In some villages of Punjab, the mosques which were destroyed after partition are being re-erected. People are cooperating on a large scale for the construction of mosques. Cooperation is also being done from the side of the Gurudwaras by giving donations and many people have even donated their land for the construction of the mosque. At present, the work of constructing 165 mosques is going on here, the construction of which was started in the last few years.

The farmer donated his life
The Indian Express According to the report, Amandeep Singh, a farmer living in Bakhatgarh of Barnala district of Punjab, donated his 250 square yards of land last year for the construction of the mosque. At the foundation stone laying ceremony of the mosque, Amandeep invited the entire village, including 15 Muslim families. Langar was also organized on this occasion. Amandeep says that the construction of the mosque is expected to be completed by Eid and if this happens, Muslims will offer their prayers on the next Eid here.

People raised money for the construction of the mosque >
Youth Congress leader Jagmal Singh, who lives in another Jitwal Kalan village of Punjab, donated his 1,200 square yards of land in August 2021 to build a mosque. Not only this, his family also donated 51,000 rupees and the Naib Shahi Imam of Ludhiana’s Jama Masjid, Mohammad Usman Ludhayanvi, laid the foundation of the mosque. After this more people also came to help them and together they collected 5 lakh rupees for the construction of the mosque. Similarly, mosques are being constructed in other villages here and the mosques which were demolished were re-erected. is being done.

120 year old mosque being rebuilt
Sarpanch Buta Singh of Kutba Bahmaniya village of Barnala also witnessed the construction of the mosque being done here Are. He told that after partition all the Muslim families left here and only two families remained here. At the same time, Mohammad Hanif of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind also told that the 120-year-old mosque is being reconstructed in Sherpur Sodhian village of Dhuri. He told that sweet rice was distributed on the day the foundation stone of the mosque was laid. Punjab had 40% Muslim population before independence and only 1.93% Muslims are left.

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