President Draupadi Murmu advocated the participation of women judges, said- ‘A mother does not discriminate against her children, I think…’

Draupadi Murmu in Jabalpur High Court: President Draupadi Murmu visited Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday (27 September). The President participated in the foundation stone laying program of the new High Court building here in Jabalpur. Addressing the people present here, he spoke about the participation of women in the Supreme Court and High Court.

He said, "We all owe a debt to society. We can repay this debt by helping the people left behind in the society. A commendable initiative has been taken under the leadership of the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court, under which all the judges of this High Court will give a certain amount every month to help the poor and needy people."

What was said on the role of women?

Speaking on the role of women, President Draupadi Murmu said, "There are about 9 percent women judges in the Supreme Court and about 14 percent women judges in the High Court. I think there should be proper participation of women here also. I believe that women have a natural sense of justice, which is why it is said that a mother does not discriminate between her children."

Praised MP High Court

President Draupadi Murmu wrote on X (earlier Twitter), "I am happy to know that Madhya Pradesh High Court has decided to settle the cases pending for decades in the district courts  ‘25 DEBT’ A special campaign has been started named. Under this, every judge of the district judiciary has been instructed to dispose of the 25 oldest cases in his court on a regular basis."

President Murmu praised the online facility in the justice system. They said, "While the ease of justice administration has increased with the help of e-courts, video conferencing, e-proceeding and e-filing, conservation of natural resources has also become possible due to reduction in the use of paper."

The President also praised the approval of the third phase of the e-court project by the Central Government. Addressing the program, he said that this is a country of Panch Parmeshwar, here the concept of justice was present in the rural system from the beginning. 

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