PMAY-G: 13 lakh villagers are still waiting to get their houses, Center is ignoring- Bihar minister

Centre Scheme PMAY: Rural Development Minister Shravan Kumar in Bihar government has claimed that the central government has deprived 13 lakh people for the last three years under the new target of Pradhan Mantri Awasiya Yojana- Gramani. He also said that several letters were sent to Union Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Giriraj Singh regarding this but the state did not get the target for 2018-19, 2022-23 and 2023-24.

According to the news agency PTI, he said that he wrote letters to Giriraj Singh urging him to allocate new targets for Bihar but no target was set. The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state accused the Bihar government of playing politics over the issue and said the administration was not ready to submit work completion reports or utilization certificates on time.

< pstyle="text-align: justify;">‘Centre ignoring our request’

Shravan Kumar said, “The state government is completing the construction of about 500 houses every day. Even after such work, a large number of families waiting for houses are still deprived. The BJP-led central government is ignoring our requests on PMAY-G.” In fact, under the PMAY-G scheme, eligible beneficiaries get financial assistance from the central and state governments to build pucca houses in rural areas.

The minister said, ‘‘After allocation of annual targets, the distribution of funds among the beneficiaries is done by the states on the basis of the number of eligible beneficiaries.’’ Beneficiaries under this scheme are identified on the basis of specific housing deprivation parameters mentioned in the Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) of 2011.

Officials said that about 26.96 lakh houses were approved for construction under the PMAY-G scheme in Bihar from 2016 to 2021 and about 24.54 lakh units (90 per cent of the target) have already been completed or distributed to the beneficiaries. has been carried out. Senior BJP leader Nikhil Anand alleged that while the ambitious housing scheme for low and middle income groups is successful in other states, its record in Bihar is abysmal.

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