Parliament Special Session: Strategy to corner each other ready in the special session, BJP-Congress issued whips, chances of maximum uproar on this bill

Parliament Special Session: Political tussle continues between the ruling party and the opposition regarding the special session of Parliament. The central government on Wednesday released the list of four bills to be introduced in this session. After which politics became more heated. First Congress and then on Thursday (14 September) TMC raised questions on the intentions of the government and said that something else was going on behind the scenes. Know the big things related to the special session. 

A day after the announcement of a possible agenda for the Parliament session starting on Monday, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Derek O’Brien targeted the Centre. He said that the complete agenda has not been disclosed yet. The government can include more work in the agenda by doing some ‘tricks’. 

TMC targeted on agenda

Derek O’Brien said that I am saying this because he has written a very intimidating line in the agenda. It is written in it that this is not the complete agenda. So they can add more to it at the last moment. He also said that only two people are aware of the agenda of the session and we still call ourselves a parliamentary democracy. 

These four bills were listed

This list was released on Wednesday by the Lok Sabha Secretariat regarding the special session of Parliament. It was written in it that the bill related to the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners can be presented for discussion and passing. Besides, Advocate Bill, Press and Registration of Periodical Bill and Post Office Bill have also been listed. 

Congress also raised questions on the intentions of the government

Congress has also raised questions regarding the agenda of the five-day Parliament session. Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh had posted on Twitter on Wednesday that after pressure from the Congress, the Modi government was pleased to announce the agenda of the special session. 

"there’s something else behind the scenes"

He said that there is nothing in the agenda given at present and all this could have waited till the winter session in November. I am sure that legislative ‘hand grenades’, as always, are ready to explode at the last moment. There is something else behind the scenes. 

The opposition alliance India has said regarding this session that they want positive cooperation in the session on major issues related to the country, but the government should tell what is its special agenda. 

Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to PM

At the same time, Congress Parliamentary Party chief Sonia Gandhi had recently written a letter to PM Modi requesting that during the special session, in the background of the country’s economic situation, caste census, deadlock on the border with China and new revelations related to Adani Group. Nine issues, including the demand for constituting JPC, should be discussed under proper rules.

Fight over the bill appointing election commissioners

Among the bills listed by the government, the bill related to the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners is the most discussed. This bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha during the recently concluded monsoon session. The opposition had created a lot of ruckus on this then. 

India alliance parties will protest

Actually, there is a provision in it that the election commissioners will be appointed by the President on the recommendation of a panel consisting of the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha and a Union Cabinet Minister nominated by the PM. There is a proposal to include a cabinet minister in place of the Chief Justice in this committee. Now there are full chances of uproar over this bill in the special session also because Congress has said that the parties of India alliance will oppose this bill. 

The achievements of 75 years of Parliament will be discussed

During the special session, the 75 years of Parliament’s journey from the Constituent Assembly till today, its achievements, experiences, memories and lessons will also be discussed. This was stated in the bulletin issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on Wednesday. According to news agency PTI, the special session will begin in the old Parliament House and the proceedings are likely to be held in the new building the next day. 

BJP and Congress issued whips 

Main parties have also started preparations for this session. BJP on Thursday issued a whip to all its MPs asking them to ensure their presence during the session. Party leaders said that whip has been issued to the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Let us tell you that a whip is a written order issued by a political party which the party members have to obey. 

Congress has also issued a whip to its Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members to remain present in the House. This three-line whip states that all members of the Congress are requested to be present during the proceedings of the House from September 18 to September 22 and support the party’s stand. 

All-party meeting called a day before 

The government has also called an all-party meeting on September 17, a day before the beginning of the session. Giving information about this, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi had posted on X on Wednesday that before the Parliament session, a meeting of House leaders of all parties has been called on 17th at 4.30 pm. 

Speculations are intense regarding these bills

An announcement was made by the Central Government to call a special session on 31st August. Since then the opposition parties are raising questions on the intentions of the government. There is a lot of speculation going on in the political circles too. It is being said that in this session the government can also take some steps regarding Uniform Civil Code (UCC), bill related to women’s reservation, ‘One Nation One Election’. However, only time will tell what will happen in the special session. 

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