Parliament Special Session: ‘I congratulate PM Modi that…’, HD Deve Gowda said on the new Parliament and women’s reservation bill

HD Devegowda On New Parliament Building: Former Prime Minister HD Devegowda, being a senior member of Parliament, advised his young colleagues that Parliament should be used for debate and not for protests. He said that MPs should always come prepared for informative discussions in the House. He suggested that national parties should understand and acknowledge the contribution of small, regional parties and independent members to India’s progress as a nation and its democracy.

At the same time, the former Prime Minister has congratulated PM Modi on the Women’s Reservation Bill. They said, "I want to congratulate Prime Minister Modi, at least he has taken the decision in the cabinet. This matter was pending since 1996. The United Front (UF) led by me had raised the issue of women’s reservation in 1996."

Issues should be discussed in the new Parliament
JDS leader said, "Parliament should never forget the poor, farmers, victims and minorities. He expressed hope that 90 percent of the time of the new Parliament will be spent in discussing the needs of such people and their development." Deve Gowda, Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka, said in his statement, "We are taking a lot of memories of the old building and the spirit of our democracy to the new building." 
Remembered his tenure
According to the report of news agency PTI, he recalled his tenure as Chief Minister and Prime Minister of Karnataka. Said that he never thought that he would stay in politics for so long and would also see a new Parliament building in his life. This is a sign of the continued progress of this country and the depth of its democracy. 

‘Don’t use the House to protest’
Deve Gowda said, "The new Parliament building has more seats in the chambers of both the houses. In such a situation, India’s representation will be better in the near future." He said that as I am going to the new House, as one of the senior most members, I want to say four things to my young colleagues that Parliament should be used for debate and not for protest. p style="text-align: justify;">‘Use the Parliament Library’
The former Prime Minister said that he had gone to the well of the House only once in his entire career and he still regrets that. He asked the MPs to please use the Parliament library. Try to understand our legislative history well.

Time spent in the library
He said, "When I came to Delhi in 1991, I had no friends. It’s not like I have many friends anymore. I spent all my time reading in the library. When I reached the Karnataka Assembly in 1962, I did the same thing. Please always come prepared to the House. There should always be informed discussion in Parliament.

Leaded the 13 party coalition government
JDS leader said, "I also led a 13-party coalition government in 1996, which included mostly regional parties, and we did not perform badly. Managing India’s diversity is like managing a big alliance. India is a big alliance in many ways. To nurture that diversity we have to have a lot of patience."

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