Opinion: Canadian PM Trudeau’s political compulsion to reveal the involvement of Indian agency in Nijjar’s murder

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made this statement in the Parliament there, he pointed a finger at India and blamed the Indian agency for the murder of Canadian terrorist Harjeet Singh Nijjar. Nijjar was murdered in June and after about three months, India was accused by the Prime Minister of Canada that the Indian intelligence agency was involved in this. 

After this, it was said by the official spokespersons of the Government of India that this allegation is politically motivated. Actually, these allegations are a political compulsion of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, because his government rests on the crutches of the National Democratic Party. Justin Trudeau’s government is in minority and remains in power with the support of Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwar’s National Democratic Party. 

Accusations on India, Trudeau’s compulsion

There is pressure on the Trudeau government to increase pressure on India. Therefore, he made these allegations without completing the investigation. One reality is that investigation is never done by the political leadership. Their intelligence agencies, securities agencies, police agencies, they do this work. During these three months, they have not completed the investigation, nor have they prepared a charge sheet, nor have they filed any FIR, nor have anyone been arrested.

Making such allegations in such circumstances, for which Canada has no facts, no evidence, is what Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has said that we have not been given concrete evidence on this matter and if given, the Government of India will look into it. 

Therefore, this is PM Justin Trudeau’s own maze in which he himself is trapped. India and the whole world is telling them to complete this investigation, and if there is any proof, if there is any concrete fact, then give it. People from Trudeau’s own party and those in opposition, in their own country, are also demanding the same thing that you should provide some proof of this. 

Why did America support Canada?

Actually, it is beyond comprehension why America has supported Canada on this entire issue. Whatever information Five Eyes may have, it seems that they have not shared it with India, because if they had shared it, we would have said that the information has been given. It is not publicly known what such information is, they say it is human intelligence, signal intelligence. 

Unless we know something about it, we cannot comment about it. In such a situation, what information is there, what was shared between the five eyes, nothing can be said without seeing it.

Canada said that for credible allegation of potential links, they will have to provide evidence. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has clearly said this, India has completely rejected the allegations and said that this is not our policy.

As far as phone tapping of diplomats is concerned, keeping an eye on diplomats is a violation of the Vienna Convention. All countries have intelligence but only those who are suspicious people are tracked. But spying on a country like this goes against the Vienna Convention. Even if Canada spies on an Indian diplomat, it goes against the Vienna Convention.

Secondly, it has been so many days since the allegations made by the Canadian PM, even if PM Trudeau has any such evidence, the whole world is demanding that he should bring it among the people. Bring concrete evidence. But, America has completely failed to provide this evidence.

Trudeau’s statements without evidence

However, PM Trudeau said that he has shared a lot of information with India. But, no concrete or strong information has been given to India regarding which India should take any action. Secondly, the allegations made by Trudeau are a very serious matter. Also, it is irresponsible. These countries feel that whatever they say will be accepted as truth and the whole world will have to believe it, whereas if any other country is saying something then it has no importance. This is not right.

This is what Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar has said that you should leave double standards. If there is any fact then bring it forward or be prepared to face the consequences of the allegations made. 

India performed all the necessary formalities with PM Trudeau during the G20. But Trudeau did not even come to dinner with the President. After this, during the meeting with PM Modi, Modi told what Trudeau should do with the Khalistani terrorist in Canada. But, Trudeau did not understand this either. 

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