Odisha News: Student was eating food in the college canteen, suddenly a dead frog was seen in the plate, know what happened next?

Bhubaneswar Engineering Colleges News: A shocking case has come to light from Odisha. A dead frog was found in the hostel food of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Engineering College in the capital Bhubaneswar. As soon as a dead frog was found in the food served to students in an engineering college, there was a stir in the hostel.

Photo posted on X

According to NDTV report, a student posted a photo of a dead frog found in food on Instagram. He wrote in the post that KIIT Bhubaneswar, where this incident took place, is ranked 42nd among the engineering colleges of India. Here parents spend around Rs 17.5 lakh to get their children a degree.

The student further wrote, "Such food is served in college hostels and then one wonders why students from India go to other countries for better education and facilities." In the photo posted by the student, a frog is clearly seen lying in the food.

This is KIT Bhubaneswar, ranked ~42 among engineering colleges in India, where parents pay approx 17.5 lakhs to get their child an engineering degree. This is the food being served at the college hostel.

Then we wonder why students from India migrate to other countries for… pic.twitter.com/QmPaz4mD82

— Aaraynsh (@aaraynsh) September 23, 2023

College issued circular

After this post, the student posted another update on the college circular. It was told that a notice was issued for the mess contractor. It was written in them that the food was completely unhealthy and the students were dissatisfied with the lunch. Because of this, the mess officials decided to deduct one day’s salary of the contractor.

So, this is the value of human life. The hostel where the frog was served, at Bhubaneswar University, in an attempt to do damage control, decided to deduct only one day’s payment from the mess provider company! Just wow. pic.twitter.com/2BSDhUwI8I

— Aaraynsh (@aaraynsh) September 24, 2023

The circular further stated, "This matter is related to the health and hygiene of the students, hence the hostel contractor was warned to be more prepared and cautious in future. You should keep your kitchen, store and food quality clean.” As soon as this news went viral on social media, users also started making various comments. 

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