‘Now I am not a 2018 model but a 2023 model’, why did Kamal Nath say this by releasing the list of BJP’s corruption?

Madhya Pradesh Elections: The political atmosphere in the election state of Madhya Pradesh is continuously heating up. Congress is trying to come to power once again in the state, while BJP does not want to be out of power in this state under any circumstances. Meanwhile, a press conference has been held on behalf of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath. In which he claimed to have exposed the scams of the BJP government. He also issued a charge sheet regarding this. 

No one can point a finger at me- Kamal Nath
Kamal Nath said after releasing the charge sheet against BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan government that I have been doing politics for the last 45 years, I But till date no one can point a finger. During this, Kamal Nath answered many questions of the media.

Kamal Nath 2023 Model
When Kamal Nath was asked that you have come forward with more than 250 scams of BJP, when you will come to the government, will you get all these files opened? In response to this the former CM said, "I had said that now Kamal Nath is not the model of 2018, he is the model of 2023." Kamal Nath said that this government is a government of propaganda, corruption and atrocities. 

‘Refused to do the deal’
Congress leader Kamal Nath said that I did not know that our government would go, I knew when this deal started. MLAs used to come to me and say that I have got this much money, but I refused to do the deal. I will never save my chair from the deal. I told the MLAs to take the money and have fun…

Kamal Nath also replied regarding the FIR lodged against him. He said, he didn’t leave even Goshala and Mahakal. What is the reaction of the public on this FIR, after this another one has come on TV. 

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