‘Not a single vote should be given’, Smriti Irani said about Rahul’s comment – Motherland has been insulted

Smriti Irani In Karnataka: Rahul Gandhi was on a tour of London in the past. There in Cambridge University, he had talked many things about India. BJP is strongly opposing that speech of Rahul. Now Union Minister Smriti Irani said that Wayanad’s MP has insulted his country abroad. Addressing BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Yatra in Hubli, Karnataka, Irani said the Congress leader has insulted his motherland.

Smriti Irani told the people that people should not give a single vote to her party in return for this insult. On one side there is our PM and on the other side the person of Gandhi family who was defeated by the people of Amethi. Rahul defamed the country on foreign soil, because of which today BJP is taking a pledge that Congress, which insults our motherland, will not get even a single vote from this constituency. Also will strongly oppose it.

‘We consider the country like a mother’
Irani said, we BJP consider our country as a mother, but on the other hand, some leaders of the opposition are trying to destroy our motherland on foreign soil. Leaving no stone unturned in abusing and insulting. We should oppose such people.

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