Nipah Virus: Threat of Nipah virus looms over Kerala, one more case found, schools closed

Kerala Nipah Virus: Another new case of Nipah virus has been reported in Kozhikode, Kerala on Friday. A 39-year-old man has been found infected with this dangerous virus. At present the infected person has been kept under observation in the hospital. This is the fifth and latest case of Nipah virus, information about which has come to light. Apart from this person, a nine-year-old child is also included among those infected with the virus, whose condition appears to be critical. 

The administration has come into alert mode regarding the Nipah virus that has surfaced in Kozhikode. Containment zones have been created in nine panchayats like during the time of Covid. Two people have also died due to this virus which damages the brain and causes encephalitis. Officials are busy finding out whether more cases of Nipah have been reported. Let us know what is being done so far in other places including Kerala to deal with Nipah. 

  • In the area of ​​Kozhikode, Kerala where two people have died due to Nipah virus. Containment zones have been created within a radius of five kilometers of his house. 
  • Due to Nipah virus, all schools and educational institutions in Kozhikode have been closed till Friday.
  • 11 samples were sent by the state government to the National Institute of Virology, Pune for testing. Nipah virus has not been found in any of these. 
  • According to PTI, samples of 15 people included in the high-risk contact list have also been sent for testing. The results of these people have not come yet. 
  • A five-member team of experts from National Center for Disease Control, RML Hospital and NIMHANS has been sent to Kerala. Their job is to help the state deal with Nipah. 
  • The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has sent monoclonal antibodies on the request of the Kerala government, so that the dangerous Nipah virus can be fought. 
  • The only option the government has for the treatment of Nipah virus is monoclonal antibody. However, its effectiveness has not yet been proven clinically. 
  • Kerala Health Minister Veena George said the stability of the antiviral was discussed with the Central Expert Committee. 
  • A mobile BSL-3 (Biosafety Level-3) lab has also been sent to Kozhikode district, so that samples can be tested at ground zero. 
  • The Kerala government has decided to collect fluid samples from the bodies of all those who were previously associated with the Nipah infected person. 
  • Rajasthan government has directed medical officials to remain alert in view of Nipah cases being reported from Kerala.

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