New Parliament: Why is the new Parliament building triangular and not round? Know the special reason behind this

New Parliament: A special session of Parliament is going on and the proceedings on Tuesday (September 19) will be held in the New Parliament House. Earlier this new Parliament building was inaugurated on 28 May 2023. This new Parliament building, which is very grand and triangular in shape, has many features along with excellent artefacts. Built at a cost of Rs 971 crore, this building is a symbol of India’s progress and is part of the Central Vista redevelopment project.

If we look at the old Parliament House, it is circular in shape but the new Parliament House is triangular in shape. Why so? The reason behind this is hidden. There is a deep connection with Vedic culture and Tantrashastra behind its being triangular. So let’s know it.

The new Parliament is situated on three plots

More facilities have been provided in the new Parliament as compared to the old one. The Lok Sabha has been designed on the theme of the national bird peacock and has seating arrangements for 888 members, while the Rajya Sabha has been designed on the theme of the national flower lotus and has seating arrangements for 348 members. If there is a joint session, then there will be a seating arrangement for 1272 members in this new Parliament building.

Religious importance of being triangular

According to news agency PTI

He further said, “It also has religious significance. The shape of the triangle has significance in many of our sacred texts. Shriyant is also triangular in shape and the three gods or Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) are also symbols of the triangle. That is why the triangular shaped new Parliament building is very sacred and auspicious.”

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