NDA Mumbai Meeting: NDA will also hold a meeting on September 1, what is the strategy of ‘INDIA’ alliance in Mumbai?

Opposition Meeting Mumbai: Before the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year, all the parties are engaged in preparations. After INDIA alliance, NDA has also shared information about the meeting in Mumbai. The India alliance will meet in Mumbai on August 31 and September 1, while a high-level meeting of the NDA is also to be held on September 1. 

NCP MP (Ajit Pawar faction) Sunil Tatkare said, during this meeting all the parties of the alliance will come together, which have governments in the states. When he was asked how the time of meeting of India alliance and NDA is matching? To this he says, our meeting was fixed by the coordination committee before the monsoon session of the state. 

What will happen in the meeting of INDIA?

Senior Congress leader Ashok Chavan said about the meeting, we will have an informal meeting on 31st August, followed by a formal meeting on 1st September. Till now two meetings (of India) have taken place. Further strategy will be discussed in the third meeting. We will create a common logo for the alliance. Meanwhile Lok Sabha elections and seat sharing among states are expected to be discussed.

Some more parties will join the alliance

Ashok Chavan has spoken of joining some more parties in the alliance. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has expressed the possibility of expansion of parties in the India coalition. on Sunday (August 27) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has indicated the inclusion of new parties in the alliance. They said, "I am going (to the meeting). There is nothing personal in this, what I want, I just want to unite everyone. I am going and some other parties will also join." 

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