Mumbai: Prema Ram of Rajasthan gets new hands after 12 years, successful surgery at Global Hospital

Mumbai: A 33-year-old patient from Rajasthan, who lost both his hands in an electric accident, got both hands after surgery at the Global Hospital in Mumbai. He has become the first Asian person to undergo surgery. The team has performed the surgery under the leadership of Dr. Nileshji Satbhai, head of the plastic hand and reconstructive microsurgery surgery department of the hospital. The surgery lasted for 16 hours. 

Prema Ram, a resident of Ajmer, was electrocuted while working in the field. Due to this his hands were electrocuted. He was admitted to a nearby hospital in Ajmer. Doctors had to amputate both his hands to save his life.  The family members of the patient tried a lot for hand transplant, but due to non-availability of artificial hand, the patient was living life without hand for 12 years. 

What was the problem? 
Patient Prema Ram  had to depend on family members for his daily work. Transplanting a hand at shoulder level was considered almost impossible in India. Prema Ram’s father also inquired about hand transplant surgery in Europe, but it was very expensive and beyond his capacity.  Even in such a situation  Prema did not lose hope. He continued his studies. 

What did the patient say? 
Dr. Nileshji Satbhai, head of the Department of Plastic Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery and Transplant Surgery, Global Hospital, said that transplanting a hand is very challenging. . Patient Prema Ram said that he was defeated after losing both his hands. I wanted to live like a normal person again. I used to try to catch things with my feet. I have recently completed my B.Ed exam. 

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