MPs are miked off to suppress their voice in Parliament?

The issue of mic off of opposition MPs has started catching up inside the Parliament. The controversy over Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s statement on the mic off in the UK House of Parliament on March 6 had not subsided yet. Meanwhile, Congress Parliamentary Party leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary has written a letter to Speaker Om Birla regarding the mic off.

Adhir has said that his mic is mute for the last 3 days and he is not able to speak in the Parliament. The government is creating sponsored disruptions in the House to silence the opposition MPs. Chaudhary further said in the letter that not allowing opposition MPs to speak in the House is an insult to democracy.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary has said in a letter to the speaker that the government is conspiring to malign the image of Rahul Gandhi. I am not being allowed to speak in the House to expose this conspiracy of the government. He has demanded the speaker to give more opportunity to the opposition MPs to speak.

Which statement of Rahul has created a ruckus?
On March 6, in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons, Indian-origin MP Virendra Sharma of the opposition Labor Party held a meeting and seminar with Rahul Gandhi. was organized. Congress leader Sam Pitroda was also involved in this meeting.

In this seminar, Rahul Gandhi shared his experience of Bharat Jodo Yatra. Rahul’s mic was turned off during this, on which he said that the mic is turned off in the Lok Sabha. No matter how much you fix, the mic does not turn on there. 

The government has linked Rahul Gandhi’s statement with the insult of the country. The government says that Rahul Gandhi is letting down India’s democracy by going abroad. That’s why Rahul Gandhi should apologize in the Lok Sabha.

Due to Rahul’s statement on the mic off in the Lok Sabha, the deadlock continues in the Parliament as well. Due to the ruckus, the proceedings of the Parliament are not going on for the last 4 days.

The issue of mike off heated up even outside the House, 2 statements
1. Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress President- Prime Minister Modi is running the country in a dictatorial manner. We are demanding formation of JPC in Parliament to investigate Adani shares. When we raise this issue, our mike is switched off and there is an uproar in the House. 

2. Jagdeep Dhankhar, Chairman of Rajya Sabha – Till date there is no mic off in Rajya Sabha. Some people go outside the country and say that the mike was switched off in the Parliament. While there was a crisis inside the country at the time of Emergency. During that time the mike was also closed. That day may never come now.

Why the allegation of suppressing the voice by turning off the mike?
The MPs of many opposition parties, including the Congress, allege that they could not ask questions to the government inside the House, so the opposition MPs were turned off. goes. The controversy started after a speech by Rahul Gandhi in February 2021.

Rahul Gandhi was giving his speech on the President’s address at that time. In Rahul Sadan, we were targeting the government regarding our two. Meanwhile, the people of the ruling party create ruckus in the House, after which Rahul Gandhi’s mic goes off. 

The next day Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary raises this issue, then his mike also turns off. Congress has shared both the videos on its official Twitter account.

Mike off is done to suppress the voice?
Last month, during the discussion on the President’s address, the Lok Sabha speaker raised the issue of mike off. At that time, Rahul Gandhi had said that at least you turn off the mic. This statement of Rahul was called a lie by the MP of the ruling party.

During this, Speaker Om Birla kept citing the rules. Birla said that in the time you get, we let you speak completely. Actually, Birla was citing time restriction behind the mic off. Let us know what is the rule regarding running of the house and mic off?

Speaker and Chairman have the responsibility of operation
The Speaker of Lok Sabha and the Chairman of Rajya Sabha work to operate the House using Article 118 of the Constitution. The functions of the Parliament have also been fixed in the constitution. According to this, Parliament’s work is to make legislation, to give advice, to criticize and to express the grievances of the people.

The Council of Ministers and the Government are answerable to the Parliament. How to conduct the works in the Parliament, this privilege has been given to the Chairman and the Speaker. In case of noise and uproar, the proceedings of the house are adjourned.

Basically there is question hour, zero hour and debate on bill or any subject in the parliament. If any member of Parliament gives an adjournment motion on a particular issue, then the speaker sends it to the government.

If the government agrees to hold a debate on the adjournment motion, then the speaker stops all the work and gets it discussed. In the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, there is usually an uproar regarding the adjournment motion.

The statement is not recorded on breaking the rules and time limit
The proceedings of the Parliament are recorded. If something goes wrong in the proceedings during the operation, then the speaker gets it removed. Time is fixed for adjournment motion or debate on any issue. This work is also decided by the Speaker after talking to the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and the opposition MPs.

After fixing the time, the party which has as many MPs, gets that much time to speak. The party also has to send the names of the speakers to the Speaker for this. Time is also mentioned before the name.

When the time of opposition MPs starts running out while speaking, they are ultimated. His mike is also turned off if he speaks more than time. So that the next speaker can put his point on the floor of the House.
Apart from this, when there is an uproar on any issue in the House, the speaker turns off the mike of the speakers and those who are authorized to speak Yes, only his mic remains on. The reason for this is to record the proceedings of the Parliament.

Live broadcast is also the main reason for mic off
The live broadcast of Parliament in India started in the 1990s. In 2006, 24-hour broadcasting service of Lok Sabha TV was started. Every detail of the proceedings started being broadcast live. 

After this the uproar in the Parliament also increased. The MPs started speaking loudly to get publicity. Many times it happened when the statement was removed from the proceedings, but by then the statement had spread across the country. 

Due to the live telecast, the mike started getting off in the Parliament. The mike is turned on only for those MPs who are allowed to speak. The rest of the MPs’ mics are switched off.

Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha PDT Achari in an opinion piece written in The Hindu says- Speaker is the custodian in the House and sometimes allows opposition MPs to speak beyond the rules, so that the proceedings can run smoothly.

< p style ="text-align: justify;"> The issue of allowing opposition MPs to speak less in the House is not new. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee was in the opposition, he also used to make such allegations. Vajpayee had suggested that new MPs from the opposition should be given more time in the House.

Mike shutdown happens not only in Parliament, but also in Vidhansabha
Not only in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, but also in State Vidhansabha, honorable people’s mikes are shut down. Recently, the incident of mike shutdown came to light in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. BJP MLA Lakhendra Paswan was speaking in the House.

Meanwhile, his mike gets switched off, after which Paswan breaks the mike. There is an uproar in the House when Lakhendra Paswan breaks the mike. The speaker also suspends him for 2 days.

Mike bandh has been raised vigorously in Congress ruled states including Rajasthan. There was no mike in 50 seats in the Rajasthan Assembly, on which BJP objected. 

The issue of mic off has also been raised in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh assembly. There is a government of opposition parties here. BJP has opposed the mike bandh here.

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