Mizoram Rains: Dark in the afternoon! Hail-rain and dust storm too, video went viral on social media

Mizoram Weather: In many parts of India’s northeastern state of Mizoram, on Wednesday (March 15), the day turned dark. Strange weather was observed around one o’clock in the afternoon. In the capital Aizawl and some areas in the afternoon, the scene became such that it was as if day had turned into night. Apart from this, strong winds, dust storm, rain and hail were also seen.

Due to this weather, the street lamps were seen shining during the day, and the speed of traffic stopped there. Vehicles were seen crawling on the roads, at that time the lights of the vehicles were burning. Many videos of this entire incident are going viral on social media. Users have given varied responses. 

Trees were also felled by the storm

According to local media, there was a storm in some areas around 1:30 in the day, which brought rain and hail along with it. Due to this, there were incidents of falling of trees and their branches at some places. At the same time, it also affected electricity. The northern districts of Mizoram were the most affected. A local channel reported that light rain is likely in Mizoram till Sunday (March 18).

Such reactions came on social media

A user tweeted some videos and wrote that dark day in Mizoram around noon on March 15.

Dark Day in Mizoram 15 March, 2023 around noon.

Rapthlak pic.twitter.com/kFYqGWmMH2

— CHIKIM (Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi) (@ChinKuki) March 15, 2023

A user wrote, “Today’s day at 1.15 am in Aizawl, Mizoram. Light to heavy hailstorm also occurred in some parts of Manipur. Crazy weather.”

Aizawl, Mizoram at 1:15 PM today. We had a short heavy hailstones in some parts of Manipur too. To install Crazy weather. pic.twitter.com/xj1Br8pJEl

— Imy Hanako (@GG_s0nic) March 15, 2023

One user even included a wristwatch in the video to tell the time. 

1:50PM AfterNoon pic.twitter.com/RSTqmnpBq5

— Lal Chhan Dama Hauzel (@chdahauzel) March 15, 2023

MeT department forecast

Let us tell you that the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for Mizoram. According to the Meteorological Department, rain and thunderstorm are forecast in the state from March 15 to 17. IMD has predicted that a fresh active Western Disturbance will affect the Northeast region from March 16.

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