Mimi Chakraborty Exclusive: ‘Why did it take 75 years for the Women’s Reservation Bill to be passed’, said TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty

Mimi Chakraborty On Women Reservation Bill : West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s party TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty has expressed happiness over the passing of the Women Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha. However, he has also said that the real joy of this bill can be celebrated when women are safe all over the country.

He recalled the incidents of brutality against women in Manipur and Delhi and said that The day such incidents will stop and women will feel safe, the joy of this bill will increase further.

When this bill was being debated in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday (21 September), In a special conversation with ABP News, Lok Sabha MP Mimi Chakraborty said, "Certainly happy to have this bill passed. My party is also supporting it, but its real happiness will be celebrated when women will be safe all over the country. Manipur will get justice, incidents like what happened against women in Delhi will not happen, women will not have to call police for walking at night, then there will be more happiness."

Durga Puja is a symbol of women empowerment
Linking Durga Puja in West Bengal with women empowerment, he said, "In Bengal we do Durga Puja. Goddess Durga is a symbol of a strong woman power, who can raise her children, protect them and fight.

People lose their minds about crimes against women. Talking
Expressing concern over crimes against women, he said, "If something happens against women, there is media coverage for two-four days and it fades from people’s minds. It should not happen. Not getting justice in crimes against women is a matter of concern."

There should be no further delay in implementing reservation
He raised questions on the delay in passing this bill and said that it is good that this bill is passed now. Went. Why did it take 75 years to pass? It should have been passed much earlier. Now that it has been passed, there should be no delay in implementing it.

Remembered the struggles of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
During this, Mimi Chakraborty praised Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Recalling Mamata Banerjee’s struggling political life, she said that Mamata Banerjee is an example of a strong woman. He faced every difficult situation in his life and won. That’s why respect for women is very high in our party.

What will be the impact on elections
About the impact on elections if the Women’s Reservation Bill is passed. In response to the question asked, he said that women vote bank definitely matters. This has been brought before the elections. Therefore its impact is being thought about. This should definitely be implemented in this election itself.

Priority for women in TMC 
Praising her party TMC, Mimi Chakraborty said that my party Women have already been getting priority. Census 7 times and delimitation only 4 times… Why is it necessary before the Women’s Reservation Bill? Know its process and rules

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