Maratha Reservation: ‘If reservation is not given on 24th December..’ Jarange Patil’s challenge to the government

Maratha Reservation: Maratha reservation activist Manoj Jarange Patil has given one month’s time to the government. Jarange Patil said that if reservation is not given on December 24, then after December 25, they will hold a meeting of the society and announce the next step. He said that the report is ready, all the evidence of reservation in OBC has been found. Jarange further said that Vidarbha has been given to the Marathas then why not us.

Jarange Patil said that we do not want to come to Mumbai, but if you will not come then we will come to Mumbai. There is a GR of June 1, 2004, please amend it. Make amended laws. We do not know which law is not in the interest of Marathas. We do not want differences, someone should commit arson, someone should commit suicide, apart from this he said that no one should attack each other, everyone should remain calm. 

‘Propagate reservation by going door-to-door’
Along with this, Jarange Patil said in the Mumbai meeting that promote reservation by going door-to-door, this opportunity will not come to the Marathas again. . First reservation then politics, it is not worth it now. Don’t make a big deal out of it, oppose that person now. You stay united, Marathas will win. I have put my life on the line, I just need you. We have to fight shoulder to shoulder. May all people have the strength to complete the Brahmastra of peace. Right now there is nothing left in my body due to fasting. Still I get energy and strength because of you. 

Manoj Jarange is currently on Maharashtra tour. After being discharged from the hospital, he went on a 9-day tour from November 14 and planned to tour the entire Maharashtra till November 23. 

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