Manipur Violence: ‘Will BJP now watch Manipur files by making a film…’

Manipur Violence: Shiv Sena of Uddhav faction in its mouthpiece Saamana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been strongly targeted. After the silence of Prime Minister Modi on Manipur violence, question has been written in Saamana that like Kashmir files, will BJP prepare Manipur files now? Not only this, it has been further written about PM Modi in Saamana that whatever little PM Modi said on the video of two women paraded naked in Manipur is going to divert the main issue.

It is written in Saamana, “The Kerala story was made in the past with regard to Tashkent files, conversion of women in Kerala, their connection with terrorist organization called ISIS etc. Apart from this, ‘The Kashmir Files’  The film was produced like an agenda. This group is now publishing the ‘Manipur Files’ on the violence in Manipur. Make a movie  ‘Public Show’ of Kerala Story Will the imposing BJP dare to show the Manipur files in public like this? Prime Minister ‘Manipur Files’ Will you show the courage to watch the film?

PM Modi was fiercely attacked 
It is further written in the face- “Had the Supreme Court itself not taken cognizance of the Manipur violence, Prime Minister Modi would not have opened his mouth on this serious issue. Taking cognizance on its own, the Supreme Court reprimanded the Central and State Governments on Thursday. The video of two women being paraded naked is disturbing. Central and state governments should take action, otherwise the court will intervene’, the court warned and Prime Minister Modi had to break his 80-day silence on the Manipur violence.

It is written in Saamana that a video shocking the sensitive mind forced the Prime Minister to break his silence on the Manipur violence. But whatever little he said, he always deviated from the main issue. The miscreants will not be forgiven at all, said the Prime Minister. Will not forgive now what does it mean? Will not forgive the corrupt, this is the guarantee of PM Modi. He said this and on the very next day he inducted many corrupt corrupt people into the BJP and made them ministers, so how seriously should the words of the Prime Minister be taken?

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