Manipur Violence: Threat in Mizoram regarding Manipur’s video, 41 Meitei reached Assam overnight, said – will remain here

Manipur Violence: An atmosphere of tension once again prevailed in Manipur after the video of two women being paraded naked went viral on May 4 this year. The heat of ethnic violence in Manipur has started reaching neighboring states. Now the Meitei community in Mizoram has received threats to leave the state, after which 41 members of the community reached Assam late on Saturday (July 23). News agency PTI has given information quoting officials.

Officials told that after the video of the Manipur incident went viral, a group of ex-militants had asked the people of the Meitei community to leave the state. Cachar Superintendent of Police Numal Mahatta said that these people reached Silchar from neighboring Mizoram on Saturday night and have been kept in a building in Lakhipur development block in Binnakandi area.

Professors and government officials too 

The officer told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ All of them are from affluent families and have come in their own vehicles. Some of these are college professors, while some serve as senior government officials.

However, members of the Meitei community said that they have not been attacked in Mizoram. Mizoram government is giving them security but they do not want to take any risk, so they have come to Assam. Members of the Meitei community told the police that they would remain in Assam till the situation normalises.

Mizoram government assures security

Based on inputs from PTI

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