Manipur Violence: Smriti Irani hit back at the opposition on Manipur, ‘When the Home Minister is ready to answer in Parliament…’

Smriti Irani On Manipur Violence: Uproar continued in both the Houses of Parliament on the third day of the Monsoon session on Monday (July 24) over Manipur violence. Opposition parties are demanding discussion on this matter and statement of PM Modi in the House. Hitting back at the opposition, Union Minister Smriti Irani alleged that the government is ready for discussion, but the opposition is running away.

Smriti Irani said that I want to bring to the notice of all the people of the country that today in the Parliament of the country, Home Minister Amit Shah repeatedly said that being the Home Minister of the country, he is saying that he is ready for all kinds of discussions. Ministry of Home Affairs is ready for discussion on internal security in Manipur in both houses. 

"Home Minister ready to answer"

He said that on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Home Minister of the country is ready for discussion in both the houses in the context of law and order in Manipur. We are surprised that the opposition is running away from the discussion on Manipur. On national issues in the country, we are ready for discussion in the Parliament, but the question arises that when the concerned minister is ready to answer in the Parliament then why the opposition is running away.

Smriti Irani said that I appeal to the opposition to let it be discussed. The people of the country send us here by electing us so that we can discuss serious issues. He said that the Congress is running away from the discussion on Manipur because they know that they will have to answer for crimes against women in their states.

What did Amit Shah say in the Lok Sabha?

Earlier in the Lok Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah said that I am ready for discussion in the House, but I do not know why the opposition does not want to allow the discussion. I request the leaders of the opposition to allow discussion on the sensitive issue.

Due to the uproar, the proceedings of both the Houses of the Parliament have been adjourned till Tuesday. Let us tell you that on May 3, caste violence broke out between the Kuki and Meitai communities in Manipur over the demand for reservation.

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