Maharashtra: ‘I remember their faces, let the dead bodies remain buried in the debris’, this will break the heart of the family who lost their loved ones in the landslide

Maharashtra News: The situation is bad due to landslides in Raigad, Maharashtra. Here 5 people died in Irshalwadi. Other members of his family are so saddened by this incident that they do not want to see the dead bodies. Kamlu Pardhi, a member of the victim’s family, said that it is better to leave the mutilated bodies lying in the rubble than to bring out and cause pain.

On July 19, 9 members of Kamlu Pardhi’s family were buried in a landslide. The local people and the rescue team were able to safely evacuate only 4 members of the family.  In Irshalwadi, a tribal village located on the slope of a hill in the coastal district, about 80 km from Mumbai, 17 out of 48 houses were completely or partially buried under the debris of the landslide. This area is very popular for trekking. The village, situated near the Irshalgarh fort, does not even have a metalled road, due to which it was not easy to take earthmoving machines there.

Lost wife, son-daughter-in-law and grandchildren
In such a situation, a search and rescue operation was carried out with the help of workers, which has been closed on Sunday. The Pardhis living in the village are farmers and they used to provide home stay facilities to the tourists coming to Irshalgarh for trekking. He lost his wife, younger son Kashinath, daughter-in-law, 14-year-old grandson and five-year-old granddaughter in this landslide. According to PTI, on Monday he told, "My wife, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren are buried there. Their dead bodies must have decomposed now and it would be difficult to identify them. It would be better to leave the dead bodies in the rubble." He was at the bottom of the hill and while returning home he came to know about the landslide.

Kamlu Pardhi said, I keep remembering their faces, but I am helpless
He said, "I can only imagine what must have happened to my family members. I keep remembering the faces of my grandchildren, but what can I do? I am helpless I had many dreams for him, now it is all over." Pardhi said that my son Kashinath had completed his graduation and had also worked as a Gram Panchayat member. He had helped many people in the village during the Kovid-19 pandemic. They said, "My son was always ready to help the villagers. When the search and rescue operation was going on, I was hopeful that all the family members would be pulled out alive, but it did not happen."

He told that about 20 feet high pile of debris had accumulated due to the landslide and many bodies taken out were rotten. Most of the people were identified by their clothes only. They said, "The search and rescue operation has been called off after the consent of the villagers and the tribal organization." Pardhi told that the state government has given them temporary shelter in the container and all should be rehabilitated near the village.  He said, "I have three acres of land, but now no one is with me." Sachin Mate, head of the Raigad unit of the Agri Sena and former sarpanch of the village, also said that rehabilitation should be done at the earliest. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) called off the search and rescue operation on Sunday after pulling out 27 bodies from the debris.  State Minister Uday Samant told reporters on Sunday that 57 people are missing, while 144 have been given shelter in a nearby temple.

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