Maharashtra: Driver posted in SPG fell into canal with family, wife and children safe, NDRF searching for dead body

SPG Driver Death In Nashik: In an unfortunate accident on Thursday (March 9) in Maharashtra’s Nashik district, a driver posted in SPG along with his family was swept away in a canal. Somehow his wife and children were saved, but Ganesh could not be saved. NDRF team is searching for Ganesh’s body. 

Information was received that Ganesh Geete was going on a bike with his family in Junnar and then due to loss of control of the bike, he fell into the canal along with the family. The local people somehow saved the women and children, but nothing could be found of Ganesh. Search is on for Ganesh’s body.

The family was returning from Shirdi

According to media reports, SPG driver Ganesh went to Shirdi on Thursday morning with his wife Rupali Geeta and son-daughter to visit Sai Baba. While returning after darshan, Ganesh lost control of his bike and fell into the canal along with his family. The local people somehow saved Ganesh’s wife and son-daughter.

NDRF team searching for the body

The water in the canal was flowing with a strong current, due to which it was not possible for the local people to save Ganesh. The NDRF team reached after the accident and the search for Ganesh’s body is still on. A local person said, "I heard that someone has fallen in the canal. I ran and somehow saved the woman and her children. The current was strong, so Ganesh could not be saved."

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