Lawrence Bishnoi Interview: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi revealed how phone comes in jail, told this method

Lawrence Bishnoi Exclusive Interview: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi once again gave an interview to ABP News from jail on Friday (March 17). He has again made many revelations regarding Singer Sidhu Moosewala murder case, but the question is, how is Bishnoi getting so much facility in jail? Where does Bishnoi get the phone from? He himself replied about this. 

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi said on the question of how the facilities are available in the jails, “Let’s do it secretly. There are no settings from anyone. How come the mobile phone does not get caught but he said that it is night time. That’s why no one is here. We order phones from over the wall. 

What did the administration say? 
Last time after Bishnoi’s interview, questions were raised on the administration. On this the spokesperson of the jail department had said that Bishnoi has not given interview from Bathinda jail. Whatever interview came on TV is not of any jail in Punjab. On the other hand, Jail Superintendent ND Negi had said that a jammer has been installed in Bathinda Jail. In such a situation no one can give interview by phone. 

WATCH | How are the facilities available in the jails? Lawrence Bishnoi exposed the entire system of the jail..!@ShobhnaYadava | @RubikaLiyaquat | @jagwindrpatial

— ABP News (@ABPNews) March 17, 2023

What did you say about Mankarit Aulakh and Salman Khan? 
Moosewala’s father alleges about singer Mankarit Aulakh and Babbu Maan, on the question of whether you know them, Bishnoi said that He doesn’t know both of them. Yes, at the time of Mankarit college, he used to get required, during this time he used to study in government school. He further said that the aim is to kill actor Salman.  

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