Ladakh BJP: In Ladakh, BJP Vice President’s son eloped and married a Buddhist girl, the party sacked him, then the leader said – I myself…

Ladakh BJP Vice President: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) sacked the party’s vice president in Ladakh, Nazir Ahmed, because his son had eloped and married a Buddhist girl. He was also given time by the party to clarify whether he was involved in the incident or not. Describing the incident as a threat to communal harmony and unity, the BJP freed Nazir from the post of state vice-president and revoked the party’s membership.

Nazir Ahmed’s son Manzoor Ahmed was accused of It is said that a month ago, he had court-married a Buddhist woman by driving her away. The party says that Nazir was also given a chance to explain his involvement in the incident. After this, the party decided to take back all his responsibilities from him and also to cancel the membership of the party. It was decided that Vice President Nazir Ahmed, after being given sufficient time to explain his involvement in abducting and marrying a Buddhist woman by his son, shall be stripped of his responsibilities as Vice President and the primary membership of the party shall also be revoked. It said that this incident is unacceptable for all religious communities of Ladakh as it endangers communal harmony and unity.’

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