Kerala News: When Mayor reached office with one month old baby, photo went viral, know who is Arya Rajendran

Thiruvananthapuram Mayor: Mayor of Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram Arya Ranjeedaran is once again in the headlines. The reason is that she has to work in her office with her child given birth a month ago. Her picture holding the child in her lap is going viral. The question is being raised that who is this mayor who is handling the responsibilities of the office only a month after giving birth to her child.

Arya Ranjeedaran’s political journey began when she was elected from Mudavanmugal ward in Nemom assembly constituency as a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) at the age of 21. After this, CPI passed a resolution to make her the Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram. As soon as this proposal was passed, Arya became the youngest mayor of the country.

The marriage took place a year ago
A year ago, Arya was married to Balussery constituency MLA K.M. Met Sachin Dev. Recently the couple became parents. Just a month after becoming a mother, Arya’s picture of working in her office with her child in her hand went viral.

By becoming mayor, Arya broke all records of becoming the youngest mayor in India. Before her, another woman named Sabita Begum had become the mayor of Kollam, Kerala at the age of 23. Before him, Devendra Fadnavis had become the Mayor of Nagpur Municipal Corporation at the age of 27."text-align: justify;"Apart from being the mayor, she is also discharging these responsibilities. Apart from being the youngest mayor of the country, Arya also holds the post of president of the largest children’s organization in the state of Kerala. . Arya contributes as State Committee Member of Students Federation of India and is playing the respected role of Area Committee Member in Challa for CPI(M).

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