Karnataka: When it was not raining, minor boys got married, a surprising case came from Karnataka

Marriage Of Minor Boys: A shocking case of superstition has come to light in Karnataka. Here the villagers are getting minor boys married to please the deities. Recently two such cases have come to the fore. The villagers are afraid of crop failure due to lack of rain. The villagers believe that the rain god is pleased by the marriage of minor boys.

According to the Times of India report, villagers in a village in Chintamani taluk of Chikkaballapur got two boys married on Thursday (August 31). A farmer in the area claimed that as soon as the marriage was performed, it rained in less than half an hour.

5th class boys marriage

Due to deficient rains this monsoon, farmers in Karnataka are facing a tough time. Due to non-availability of water, the crops have reached the condition of spoilage. The villagers believe that if they marry the boys, it will rain heavily. 

The report quoted the farmer as saying that the two boys who were selected for marriage were studying in class 5. One of them belonged to a backward community, while the other belonged to a Scheduled Caste.

The whole village attends the wedding

The people of the entire village participated in this marriage and all the rituals which are done in general, including tying of Mangalsutra, were also performed. Aarti was performed for the bride and groom and the villagers also gave them gifts. At the conclusion of the marriage, the bride and groom had received more than Rs 1600 and they divided this amount among themselves.

Earlier on Wednesday, two minors were married due to a similar practice in Moggalakuppe village of Chikkaballapura taluk. This practice has been going on for centuries in this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarnataka. People believe that marrying off minor boys pleases the Gods and makes them rain.

What happens after marriage?

According to the villagers, this marriage is just a ritual. These boys do not have to maintain it after marriage and later on they lead a normal life. When they grow up, they get married with their families or of their own free will  and there is no hindrance in it.

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