Karnataka Elections 2023: This survey rang alarm bells for both Congress-BJP

karnataka Assmbly Elections 2023: Only a few months are left for the Karnataka assembly elections 2023. The ruling BJP is hoping to return to the state once again with the help of the Modi wave, while the Congress has the support of the anti-incumbency wave. At the same time, JDS is also pushing to become a strong force in the state. Meanwhile a survey has come which has rung alarm bells for both BJP and Congress.

A survey has come regarding the Karnataka assembly elections, which has been done by Popular Polls. According to this survey, no party is going to get majority in Karnataka. A hung assembly has been predicted in the state. The special thing is that in this the possibility of getting almost equal number of seats for both BJP and Congress has been expressed.

Hyderabad-Karnataka region

According to the survey, Congress is getting 20-22 seats in Hyderabad Karnataka region. BJP is expected to get 12 to 15 seats. At the same time, 5 to 7 seats are going to the account of JDS. There are 40 assembly seats in this region.


Mumbai Karnataka region has 44 seats. In this, Congress has been shown to get 22-24 seats while Congress can get 16 to 18 seats. JDS is expected to get 4-6 seats here.

Central and Coastal Karnataka

BJP is leading in Central Karnataka. BJP is seen getting 17 to 19 seats in the region’s 27 assembly seats while Congress can get 7-9 seats. JDS is projected to get 8-9 seats.

19 seats come in the area of ​​Coastal Karnataka. In these, BJP is expected to win 12 to 14 seats. Whereas, Congress has been shown to get only 5-7 seats. JDS’s account has not been opened here in the survey. 

JDS ahead in Mysore

Mysore region is called the stronghold of JDS. The JDS is projected to win 25-30 seats in the region dominated by the Vokkaliga community. Congress can win 21 to 23 seats while BJP is expected to get 11-13 seats. The Mysore region has 66 seats.

Tough fight in Bengaluru

Bengaluru has 28 assembly seats. According to the survey, Congress seems to be winning 14-16 seats. BJP can get 12-24 seats. JDS is projected to get 1 to 2 seats.

Who will form the government?

According to the survey, the ruling BJP is projected to get 82-87 seats in the 224-member assembly. The interesting thing is that Congress is also seen getting only 82-87 seats. JDS, which has been in power in the state, may get 42-45 seats. 

If you look at the survey, once again the role of JDS becomes important. Despite being the single largest party in the 2018 assembly elections, the BJP failed to form the government. BJP got 104 seats. Then the Congress, which won 80 seats, formed a government in alliance with the JDS, which won 37 seats.

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