Karnataka Election 2023: ‘… is a big challenge’, Chief Election Commissioner expressed deep concern about young voters

Rajiv Kumar On Youth Voters: Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar on Friday (March 10) expressed concern over the apathy of young and urban voters during the elections and described it as a big challenge. He wondered why polling day is not celebrated as a festival of democracy, but as a holiday?

According to the news agency PTI, he said, “The biggest challenge before the commission is apathy among our voters. Which mainly includes youth and urban voters.” Rajeev Kumar said this comment during the Vote Fest-2023 program on Karnataka tour. The event was organized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka and the BBMP.

How will voters get to the polling stations?

During this, the Chief Election Commissioner also tried to know how to motivate the voters who did not vote by polling booths and how to bring them to the polling stations. He said, “Besides the reasons, perceptions, beliefs, motivations, barriers, challenges, experiences, it becomes very important to know the contours that shape non-voting.” He asked the question, “Can we motivate these non-voting voters. May they believe in this power and be inspired that the power of their one vote can make a difference.”

He said, “Why can’t we celebrate the polling day with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, colors and like a festival? Today’s youth is under the impression that their vote does not affect the decision making of the government.”

Actually, a team of Election Commission officials led by Rajeev Kumar has arrived in Karnataka on a three-day tour on Thursday (March 09) to assess the preparations for the assembly elections in the state.

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