Judges Appointment: ‘Generally intelligence input not taken…’, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said in the House on the appointment of judges

Judges Appointment Intelligence Input: Differences are being seen in the country for the last few months between the government and the Supreme Court. The government said in the Lok Sabha on Friday (March 17), "The Supreme Court in its recent order has said that political background in itself is not an absolute bar for appointing a suitable person as a judge.

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju further said, ""Generally, except in exceptional circumstances relating to national security"It is not the practice to seek intelligence reports on proposals for appointment of judges to the High Courts and the Supreme Court." The Union Law Minister said these things in a written reply to a question. 

Why is a candidate’s intelligence report sought?

Union Law Minister said, "As per the Memorandum of Procedure for Appointment of Judges of High Courts, it is convenient for the Government to consider such other reports/inputs as may be available, in assessing the suitability of the names under consideration." he adds, "IB’s inputs are received and recommended are sent to the Supreme Court Collegium for assessment." 

‘Generally not the practice of seeking intelligence reports’

The Law Minister did not reveal the name of the person in his reply. Rijiju further said, "Normally, except in exceptional circumstances, it is not the practice to seek RAW reports on proposals for appointment of judges to the High Court and the Supreme Court, except on issues relating to national security."

The report was made public by the collegium

Let us tell you that amidst differences regarding the appointment of judges, the Supreme Court Collegium had recently also made public the report of intelligence departments. To which now Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju has reacted. Rijiju termed the disclosure of the intelligence report as a matter of grave concern.

He had said that intelligence agency officers work in secret for the country, and if their reports are made public, they (collegium) will think twice in future. He had said that I will react appropriately on this in due course.

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