Jammu-Kashmir: ‘The present administration only wants to please the PMO…’, Omar Abdullah raging on the government in the Kiran Patel case

Omar Abdullah On Fake PMO Officer: National Conference leader and former CM Omar Abdullah lashed out at the administration regarding the fake PMO officer Kiran Bhai Patel caught in Jammu and Kashmir. He called this incident a big mistake of the police-administration. Omar accused the government of serious failure and security lapses, saying, "The root cause of such incidents is the absence of civil government."

Omar Abdullah said, "The present administration is full of sycophants who are only serving the PMO. They only want to please the PMO." Umar said, "This lapse is not of the Deputy Commissioner but of the ADG security providing security." he adds, "The thug used to travel to LoC, hold security meetings. Lived in five star hotels and officers were licking his shoes for better posting."

Omar Abdullah’s jibe at the administration

The arrest took place on March 3

Let us tell you that Kiran Patel, a thug from Gujarat, has been arrested by security officials in Jammu and Kashmir on March 3. He is alleged to have enjoyed government hospitality, a personal security officer (PSO) and a room in a luxury hotel. He had managed to fool the J&K administration four times during the last 6 months to provide state protocol and Z plus security. 

Visited the state 4 times

Kiran Bhai Patel had managed to fool the J&K administration four times during the last six months to provide state protocol and Z plus security. Deepak held the role of a senior official in the PMO and managed to enjoy official protocol and benefits in J&K. The whole episode has caused massive embarrassment to the administration, as it prepares to host G-20 meetings and other high profile events in the near future.

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